No Upfront Fees &
Pay Nothing Unless Sold

One of the core advantages of selling with Sparrow is that we don't charge you any upfront fees to list your property. You'll receive premium marketing, and you'll pay nothing unless you property sells, simple as that.

How are we different from other agencies?

Typical Agency

Marketing fees are payable upfront. No refund if your property doesn't sell or you change agents.


There are no upfront fees. We'll pay for marketing, and you only pay us back only if your property sells.

Typically, most agents require you as the seller to pay for all marketing costs upfront, before your property is listed. This allows the agency to avoid any risk should your property not sell. It can also add pressure for you to reduce your price or sell quickly in order to avoid losing your marketing investment.

We have a better offer. We'll pay for all of the marketing costs upfront. You only need to pay us back if we sell your property. If your property doesn't sell, theres no charge. If you change agencies, there's no charge.

With Sparrow, you can list your property with no additional pressure or financial burden, while at the same time knowing that your property is still receiving the best possible marketing and maximum exposure.

What about agencies that offer 'Free Marketing'?

Be careful if an agency is offering you free marketing. With very few exceptions, the 'free' marketing that is offered in Brisbane is usually very basic and often misses critical elements like upgraded listings on

Make sure that whatever marketing you use is a good fit to your property. Basic marketing packages like these can be suitable for some lower-end properties, but are not advised for other properties.

What type of marketing do we cover?

Our marketing package is very good – and is identical to that you would find at even the most expensive Brisbane agencies.

We use Premiere listings on, incredible photographers, the latest drone technology and even the latest in Matterport virtual reality walkthroughs.

There are a lot of agencies in Brisbane who can provide the same excellent quality marketing as we do. The big difference is that we can offer you this same premium marketing with zero risk, and zero upfront cost.