About Us

We're a Brisbane real estate agency that's passionate about getting the best possible result for our clients. We specialise in auctions, simply because auctions have a proven track record of acheiving results that exceed all expectations.

The trouble with auctions is that there is normally significant risk involved. Marketing and auctioneer costs can easily reach into the thousands - money that is typically lost if your property fails to sell.

At Sparrow, we've completely removed this barrier. We provide a full, high-impact premiere marketing campaign with award-winning auctioneers all without any upfront costs. If your property sells, the marketing fees are simply taken out at settlement. And if your property doesn't sell, you change agencies, or you decide to withdraw your property from the market, we'll absorb the loss. Simple as that.

The great benefit of selling with Sparrow is that there's no potential for loss. Which means you can give your property the best possible chance at getting an exceptional price, without any financial risk whatsoever.

With everything to gain, and nothing to lose - selling with Sparrow is a much less stressful experience! If you're thinking of selling, we'd love to talk to you about your property.

You can call us on (07) 3054 7050 or email [email protected].