About Matthew Griffin & Sparrow

We're a down-to-earth agency designed for today's real estate market

We started Sparrow because we felt that we could improve a number of areas in the Brisbane real estate industry: Commission Rates, Marketing Costs, and Vendor Risk.

Fair Commission Rates

We believe that real estate fees in Brisbane are too high. Back in the 1990's, the average Brisbane house price was about $150,000. Agents generally charged 2.50% commission to sell a property.

In 2017, the average Brisbane house price is closer to $600,000. But agents are still charging 2.50% - and often even more.

That's a 400% rise in agent fees.

Is it harder to sell a property now? Nope – in fact it's easier today, because we have the internet and sites like realestate.com.au.

The reality is that most of the 2.50% that you pay to an agent to sell your property goes back into maintaining the agency's overheads, the premium offices, the luxury vehicles.

At Sparrow, we want to break this trend of ever-increasing agent fees. By avoiding fivolous expenses and instead focusing our efforts on delivering better results for our clients, we can pass on lower fees and ultimately put more in your pocket when you sell.

High Quality, Appropriate Marketing

Quality marketing is absolutely important when it comes to marketing a property. However, agents are often quick to promote high-end, expensive marketing packages to vendors regardless of whether not the package is a smart fit for the property.

At Sparrow, we take paticular care to ensure that the marketing strategy we use is a perfect and justifiable fit for the property being sold.

No Upfront Fees

When most people list their property for sale, they generally don't think about what would happen if it doesn't sell, or if they end up changing agents. There's nothing wrong with that, it's only natural to have an optimistic outlook when it comes to selling your property.

But time and time again we see vendors who have paid thousands in marketing that then expired because their property didn't sell as quickly as they expected.

At Sparrow, there's no upfront costs, and we cover all marketing fees. Which means you can give your property the best possible chance at getting an exceptional price, without any financial risk whatsoever.

With everything to gain, and nothing to lose - selling with Sparrow is a much less stressful experience! If you're thinking of selling, we'd love to talk to you about your property.

You can call us on (07) 3054 7050 or email sales@sparrowrealestate.com.au.

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